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it's just your accidntl deth   accidntl is a layout community run by elektriciteit. through this community i offer (livejournal) layouts, f/o banners, and icons that you can use. the catch? link back/ promote. this place is friends only, so join to be able to view and use the stuffs. and if you were wondering, the community name is from a rilo kiley song.

// the earlier layouts were coded in IE, so they might be a little off in Firefox or any other browser. all later layouts are fully firefox compatible. these layouts will not work with your sponsored+ account.
// if you're going to edit my layouts, don't expect me to help you. i don't care if you edit a layout, just don't bother me about it. DON'T EDIT A FUCKING LAYOUT IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF.

>> pretty simple, just credit & comment if you take anything.
>> comment on the (appropriate) layout post so i know what/ if you're taking.
>> keep the link to accidntl on the layout or, if you want to take it off, credit me in your userinfo. (if you don't i will hunt you down; maybe not personally but...)
>> you may edit the layout as you please, as long as there's still a link back to my community. i will not help you with editing your layouts.
>> don't redistribute my layouts in your own community/ under your name.
>> basically don't steal or claim anything that's mine as your own, but that's obvious, right? common curtesy.

_curelola audioporn discocaine studioglam
gabyland instantlover leannalayouts likenicotine
lithium_aubade ohmypants omgchalk overrides
popvendetta recognizing reversescollide showgirldesigns
sugarbones themisprojected threeohfouram tillyness
turboninja viaicons

full list/
comment here if interested

spiralbound_lj for the base code. everything else on the layout/ this community is mine. contact me if you have a problem.

credit codes/ images

come dance with the happy ghosts.

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